About Vinit Polymers

Vinit Polymers was established in 2009 and has been successful manufacturers of all kinds of sizing chemicals as well as modified starches. We specialize in this field mainly because this is the only field we are into, which helps us focus completely on the needs of this industry. We started off as traders back in the late 1980s and have been gaining experience and growing ever since.

With more than 30 years of experience, as of today we are the only company in India that gives a ‘money back guarantee’ on a trial(Only if and when our technicians are present in the sizing while the trial is undergone).

In our early days, we often noticed one thing in particular. Rather than trying to satisfy the actual needs of the clients, manufacturers almost always focused on trying to force their products into the industry. Whether the product was actually what the client required was immaterial. This was mainly due to lack of knowledge, trying to earn more etc. This was something that we did not want for our clients. After decades of hard-work and gaining experience, today we have more than 35 products ranging from unique one shot products to the fine finishing quality materials which work in such amazing detail to actually suit the needs of our clients,  handpicked teams of professionals who not only excel in ‘on-field trials’ but are also experts when it comes to knowledge on sizing machineries. They  are well equipped with experience, knowledge and portable apparatuses that help them check the efficiency and quality of the size-mix.

We are known for our after-sales service as we do things differently and efficiently. One of the main differences our clients often notice between us and our other competitors is that once you start buying from us, we do not just sell our products, but also conduct regular quality check-up rounds where our technicians keep analyzing the size-mix for any chance at a better performance. The rounds are usually conducted once a week to make sure that the quality YOU produce is either enhanced or if not, then at the very least, remains consistent as our satisfaction lies in your well-being which is also one of the most important reasons behind our success. However, these quality check-up rounds are done only with the consent of the client and not if they do not require it.

Over the many years that Ruff Krudoz polymers has been in the business, the goal has always been to provide the best possible quality consistently and that is what we strive to achieve. The company is known for its ability to be a trend-setter due to the minute details we pay attention to.